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GLF Essential Oil Blend

GLF Essential Oil Blend is a blend of powerful oils including helichrysum, spearmint, and celery. Diluted in a 1:1 ratio with vegetable oil, GLF can be applied topically over the liver or on Vita Flex points on the feet. 

Wellness: The initials of this essential oil blend stand for Gall Bladder/Liver Flush. It is formulated with oils that help to balance liver and gall bladder function when taken in capsules as a dietary supplement.


  • Grapefruit Citrus paradisi peel oil
  • Helichrysum Italicum oil, apium graveolens (celery) oil
  • Ledum Ledum groenlandicum oil
  • Hyssop Hyssopus officinalis leaf oil
  • Spearmint Mentha spicata leaf oil

Excerpt on GLF during the Young Living Convention with Gary Young:

Folks, if you have vitality when you wake up, you hit the floor running. You’re alive. You’re ready to get on with the job, even if you only went to bed two hours ago. 

If you want to have that happen, then take your enzymes and come alive. Cleanse the liver by taking your Detoxzyme at night, and put a couple of JuvaTone with it, so you’re getting a specific action on cleansing the liver and pulling that waste out of there. If you ladies want to have good hormonal balance, cleanse the liver. Become a member of the Liver Lover’s Club. 

How many of you use GLF, the Gall bladder and Liver Flush? If all the oils were taken away, the one that would be most important would be GLF. Why do I say that? Because GLF cleanses not only the liver but the gall bladder, too. 

You have to have a clean liver for hormones. You also need a clean, well-functioning gall bladder so that the bile can emulsify or separate fats into small droplets, so they can be acted upon by enzymes. If you cleanse the liver by taking one capsule of GLF every night before you go to bed, youwould get up the next morning and look in the mirror and say, “Whoa, boy, that’s a good looking dude. He looks 10 years younger.” Take that GLF and live forever. That’s what it’s for. 

What does GLF contain? Essential oils that will support Essentialzyme and Detoxzyme. You’re going to pull that poison out of your liver, and you’re going to extend the longevity and the years of your life with vitality. Let’s come alive, not with the Pepsi generation–but with the Young Living generation. 

Enzymes Promote Faster Healing 

Some of you saw my scans last year, and I’m going to use that to drive homemy po int. I have had my spine broken twice with 16 broken and crushed vertebras and 11 ruptured—not herniated—but ruptured disks. And do I have a limitation today? No, I don’t. 

Why? Enzymes are a big part of it. Activity is a part of it. There is no one magic bullet, please understand that. It’s a lifestyle. And the lifestyle should be nothing more than the focus of vitality. If you want to have it, only you can create it. And you do that by making proper and better choices. It’s wonderful to feel alive. 

Some of you know that seven years ago, I took a hit jousting with an 11-foot-long jousting lance—full speed, about 44 miles an hour. It went in my side, not completely in but far enough that I was glad it stopped when it did. Had I not had on chain mail and leather, it would have gone all the way through. It broke the lance in two in my groin, and it blew my intestines out the side. After jousting in two more tournaments, I finally went to the hospital and went through 7½ hours of surgery. They put everything back in, wired me up with 6 feet of wire, and I was back to work three days later. 

You heal faster when you have enzymes present because they facilitate regeneration of all tissues as part of their job. Enzymes also facilitate circulation; that’s how they help with the healing, by furnishing the proteins and the other nutrients necessary to repair that tissue. So let’s provide our bodies with these vital enzymes. 

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