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Hope Essential Oil BlendThis essential oil helps to release the emotions of lack of respect, anger and criticism. This will bring in positive emotions of faith, gratitude and acceptance.

helps you reconnect with feelings of strength and grounding, restoring hope for tomorrow. This unique blend brings together the benefits of essential oils with the power to uplift and balance the emotions, making you more open to the joys that lie ahead. It may also help to overcome severe, dark thoughts. 

Wellness Solutions: Hope is essential in order to go forward in life. Hopelessness can cause a loss of vision of goals and dreams. This blend helps to reconnect with a feeling of strength and grounding, restoring hope for tomorrow. It helps overcome suicidal depression.

This is good oil for those who constantly complain and can’t take responsibility for their actions. It will help you release criticism and accept things as they are. It will also help you see your own blind spots so they can be revealed and released.


  • A base of Almond oil
  • Melissa (Melissa officinalis)
  • myrrh (Commiphora myrrha)
  • juniper (Juniperus osteosperma and J. scopulorum)
  • spruce (Picea mariana)


Learning about Hope

Hope was an oil blend that I created in 1989 and it was an interesting story how that happened. To give you a little background with the blend of Hope™, I had been in Shilo, Arkansas teaching a workshop. Two daughters brought their mother to see me and she had been in the hospital for a year and a half and was finally diagnosed with leukemia. They had just given her a round of chemotherapy and she had a violent allergic reaction to it – and she didn't have leukemia. It was mis-diagnosed and they couldn't figure out what it was. At that time there happened to have been a new flu strain that was just coming into the United States that was killing so many people, and in that area of Sulfur Springs it killed 52 people within 30 days, and she was a victim of it. They finally had her on oxygen and said that she probably would not live within a week. So they brought her to me while I was there teaching and I was scheduled to come back a week later for another class.

A Heavenly Visitation

I flew home and later I was driving between San Diego and Reno. I pulled into a motel in Bishop, California, checked in and went to sleep that night, and I woke up in the middle of the night having a visitation from a beautiful young woman wearing white. As she walked up to me in my dream I woke up to behold her beauty and she spoke to me and said, "You have that which you need for which you are seeking." I said, "What is it?" She said, "You already have it – that which you need you already have." Then she turned and walked away, and as she walked away I called to her, "What is your name? Please tell me your name." She said, "My name is Melissa."

I was panic-stricken. I baled out of bed and grabbed the phone and called my sister who has a daughter by the name of Melissa, and I said, "Is Melissa okay?" She said, "Yes, she's okay." I said, "No! Go look!" (It's 2:00 in the morning and I was waking up the whole family.) "Go check and see." She came back and said, "She’s sound asleep – why?" I said, "I don't know" and I hung up the phone. 

Empower Your Life and Open Your Account with Young LivingI couldn't go back to sleep, so I just gathered my things up and got in the car and drove onto Reno, and that's where we were located in 1989 in a little place in Sparks, Nevada on 1455 Deming Way. That's where our little office and warehouse was when we first started. For those who were involved in Young Living at that time – how many are here? Two people! That's before it was a multi-level company and we were just marketing oils as coop products for the patients and family members.

But anyway, I got into the office and opened the file cabinet and pulled out the drawer. I looked at the oil of Melissa, and this is what it said (one sentence): "It may contain antiviral compounds."

Learning about Melissa

It was early in the morning so I called Dr. Lapraz in Paris and said, "Dr. Lapraz, tell me about Melissa." He said, "Gary, we don’t know much about it." I said, "Well, what do you think? What do you see?" He said, "It seems to be a very powerful antiviral oil." and I said, "Could you send me a quart of it?" He said, "It would be cheaper to buy the plane!"

I wound up ordering two ounces which he over-nighted to me on the plane, counter-to-counter (that you could do in those days). I got it the day before I went back to Shilo, Arkansas. 

I was teaching a seminar and the two sisters brought their mother who was now totally bedfast and on oxygen, in the back of a van. They came to the meeting room where we were having our class. I took a break at lunch and went out and looked at her.

Melissa Provided Hope

I took the Melissa out and I said, "This is what I want you to do. I know nothing about it other than a feeling that I have. I want you to put one drop under your tongue every hour and by the third hour go to two drops and do that every hour. Precisely six hours later, in the afternoon in that workshop I was teaching people about electric field analysis. While we were all standing up and practicing, the door opened and this woman walked in room without her oxygen! There were 60+ students and there wasn't one dry eye. She walked up and she hugged me and I was crying like a baby! She said these words, "Dr. Young, you have given me hope!" And that woman is still alive today!

Melissa was the answer. It is a powerful antiviral agent, a powerful anti-inflammatory, a powerful anti-bacterial. It is one of the most powerful things we have in our arsenal. It's very expensive because it takes over five tons of the plant material to produce less than one pound (eight ounces) of oil. We grow the Melissa at St. Maries, Idaho and we had a good production last summer–one of the best we've had yet.

What Hope™ Can Do

Melissa also opens the crown chakra and allows communication, but it also dispels the evil deities that bring on depression. Melissa, to my personal knowledge has helped seven individuals who are Young Living distributors who are alive today who were suicidal and on the verge of suicide. This blend of Hope pulled them out of that terrible depression. All you have to do is just rub it on the rim of the ears, the auricular points of the ears.

Spruce, Juniper and Myrrh are in the blend for the sesquiterpene activity to open the brain and allow that to happen in exchange. It provides the powerful antiviral action of Myrrh, Spruce and Juniper; it is also a powerful modulator of the human immune system and enhances the growth of leucocytes and phagocytes (which are two measures of the immune system). It is a powerful oil blend that is grossly underutilized. 

Hope is an oil blend for overcoming depression and has been extremely successful for combating that condition. We have found Hope to be most successful and effective when massaged on the auricular points of the ears. That has been the greatest benefit for Hope.

When there is any type of depression or discouragement, when you are feeling fractured, when you are feeling discouraged, when you are feeling loss and you are feeling there is just no place to turn, no place to go, then use Hope™. We have watched it change lives. Its biggest impact has been not just for treating viruses, but for depression – and it is very, very effective and powerful.

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