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Juva Cleanse

Juva Cleanse Essential Oil Blend

Juva Cleanse Essential Oil Blend provides support for the liver through a carefully formulated blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils that supports normal liver function.*

This is one of my favorite blends which is so very highly effective! The first time I used it, I applied a couple of drops topically over my liver every day. After about 2 weeks, I noticed that my face looked years younger – wow! Your skin health and appearance is directly related to your liver health. Then I started taking it internally every day, building up to about 10 drops in a capsule. This is an amazing blend – enjoy!

Wellness Solutions: The liver is the body's largest internal organ and major detoxifier for the body. Even the toxins in the air we breathe are filtered by the liver, including chemicals from aerosol cleaners, paint, bug sprays, etc. But, even filters need cleaning. The essential oils of ledum, celery seed and helichrysum have long been known for their liver cleansing properties. JuvaCleanse™ was clinically tested in 2003 for removing mercury from body tissues. A 2003 study conducted by Roger Lewis, MD at the Young Liffe Research Clinic in Provo, Utah evaluated the efficacy of helichrysum, ledum and celery seed in treating cases of advanced Hepatitis C. In one case, a 20 year old male diagnosed with Hepatitis C had a viral count of 13,200. After taking two capsules (approx. 750 mg each) of a blend of helichrysum, ledum and celery seed (Juva Cleanse™) per day for one month with no other intervention, the patient's viral count dropped more than 80 percent to 2,580.


  • Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) — regenerates tissue and improves circulation while stimulating liver cell function and removing plaque from the veins and arteries.
  • Ledum (Ledum groenlandicum) — been shown in clinical studies to protect the liver and increase bile flow; used with many liver dysfunctions including hepatitis and fatty liver.
  • Celery seed (Apium graveolens) — a pwoerful liver cleanse and protectant which has also been used against hepatitis.


JuvaCleanse and JuvaPower

I did do some intravenous chelation with Mary, but we found in her case greater results with the heavy metals through the JuvaCleanse™ than we did through the chelation, and these were the levels she was at. Over here (with the little ones) is where they should have been, under 68%. You can see all the ones like mercury; I think this was nickel that was completely off the chart, cadmium, and very high levels of mercury and toxic mineral poisoning.

Empower Your Life and Open Your Account with Young LivingAfter six months on the JuvaCleanse™ (and we can show you the results of the hair analysis) and when we started getting these results was when she started balancing out hormonal-wise for the second time and really started showing promise. That's when I made the JuvaPower™, so she was eating it every day because we really went very, very specific into the acid-binding, alkaline-forming foods to get the acids out of her body. We would take her down to the Clinic two or three times a week and do the B-Fee machine and the poisons would just pour out into the container, greens and oranges and browns, and it looked just like froth, it was foam on the water. I look at this and I look at my wife that I have lived with for ten years come this September and I just say, "Wow!"

As committed as she is and as disciplined as she is to eating, yet there was this much poison coming out of her body. No wonder there are so many sick people in the world! So it hasn't been without a lot of discipline, I want to tell you that.

Mary's Explicit Trust

I don’t want you to go thinking that all you have to do is pop a few JuvaTone™ and a few JuvaCleanse™ capsules and you are all going to be well. We worked really hard in building her body back to have Michael and as I look at my wife now and I pull pictures up from four years ago, she looks younger today than she did four years ago! I don't know if the rest of you agree, but I am very pleased that I have a companion who is so dedicated to what I believe in and is willing to just trust me. Sometimes I get a little nervous because I feel like she trusts me too much. She never says, "What if? Are you sure?" She just says, "Okay, how much?"

I have to really look at that because I get so excited and I get so aggressive that I could take advantage of it unconsciously, just because of my excitement and my aggression in wanting to do something and discover something. That's a huge responsibility when you are going some place that's never been explored before and you don't know what the outcome is going to be. You are going a lot on faith, intuitive feeling and knowing the chemistry of the oils. I basically know what I should be seeing, but this has not been done before. I am hoping that you can feel a deeper sense of appreciation for the woman at the head of this company and what she is willing to do–not just for us–but for all of you, what she has gone through and what she has learned and what we've learned together. We have been able to share with you the prospect of greater health and a greater life.

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Constant Bombardment with Chemicals
So I am here to just share with you, if you take a look at the situation that we're in in our environment where we are at constant bombardment with the chemicals in our atmosphere and the radioactive isotopes that are in the air we are breathing that you can't even see and thousands of other compounds that are being released out there from the industrial world and other things, but when your body is under constant bombardment 27/4 it's breaking it down. What are you doing to prevent it and what are you doing to build it up and give it the support that you need?

Many products that I have created contain essential oils and this is the one I want to show you here. This is an oil blend that I made because this morning I showed a little bit about vaccinations, and knowing that there are a lot of people and a lot of you in this room who are adults today who were vaccinated as children.

Testing Procedure Shows Amazing Results
How many are here that are war veterans? No war veterans? They all died. Anyone who has been in the military or who has worked in government service has been vaccinated, even if it didn't happen when you were a child. It's a major problem. I wanted to develop a product where we could get this mercury and these poisons (chemicals) out of our body, so we did the perimeters of a study testing procedure for six-hour urine, collection repeated at 48-hour intervals, and we did a post baseline urine toxic of metals.

The participants were void of supplementations; we did post-line base studies on each participant. The product that we used is called JuvaCleanse, and it was two 00 capsules per day. We had three patients who participated in this–a 52 year-old male, a 51 year-old female, and a 55 year-old male. The first thing that we studied was arsenic. We started administering, we did the baseline and found out where the baseline levels were of arsenic in these three patients, and then we administered the JuvaCleanse oil capsule for 48 hours, and we see the doses. This one went from 14 to 17; this one actually dropped to 9.4, so we thought, "Wow, we are gaining!" It went back up In the 48 hours. This one continued to climb and so did this one. This is the volume of arsenic that was being pulled of their blood from the utilization of JuvaCleanse.

JuvaCleanse has Dramatic Effects on Mercury
And we went into mercury and look at this: This person showed no mercury; this one had very little mercury when we started right here. On their first 48 hour collection, look at the level of mercury that went up here. This one had high levels of mercury when they came in the Clinic, and in 96 hours of JuvaCleanse their mercury levels went from 3.8. to 0. now.

This patient was very excited; this patient's mercury levels kept going up–so what did that tell him? He says, "I came in and I didn't have any mercury–now I have mercury." This was very interesting and this is why: I've seen patients go and have hair analysis and come back with their hair analysis report saying, "I don’t have any mercury or I don't have any lead, or I don't have any arsenic."

You cannot depend strictly on a hair analysis for determining whether or not you have metals. You need to do the hair analysis, plus you need to do at 48-hour intervals a urine collection analysis in the laboratory to see if you are excreting heavy metals, and then go on the Juva Cleanse. Those oils happen to be celery seed oil, helichrysum oil, and ledum oil, which comes from Quebec.

Studies with Lead
Lead... here we go. Look at this patient again at 2.6, and then his tissues started released after the first 48 hours, and this is what's really significant because it depends on how much of that is encased in fat cells, how much of it is incubated in other cells in the body and how quickly the body starts releasing it. This patient started releasing and it went up very, very quickly. The number two patient released, and then it dropped off.

Does this mean there's a phase there where the body has to break it down and release it? Absolutely! So the only way that we're going to know, "Did we clear this?" is as we are doing now–back into the second phase. This was the first phase, just to test the formulation to see if it was effectively pulling these heavy metals out of the body.

IV Chelation Comparison
I have treated in the past (and not going on 25 years)of doing EDTA intravenously. I could not get these results with intravenous chelation–not this good and not this fast. But essential oils dissolve it and dispatch it into the fluids of the body to be carried out, and it's very, very exciting!

Tin–we only one patient that showed levels of tin and we were very effective in pulling those levels down in 96 hours. Naturally, that patient was very excited!

Nickel. There were zero nickel showing until we started chelating and the cells started opening up and releasing this metal out, so those are the things that are very interesting.

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