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Present Time

Present Time Essential Oil Blend

Present Time Essential Oil Blend has an empowering fragrance that heightens the sense of being "in the moment." Concentrating on the past can be counterproductive. You can go forward and progress when you focus on the present time.

Present time forces the body to stay in the moment. This is excellent for those who live in the past or the future and never are fully present.

Those who are dealing with loss or repressed emotions will benefit from this oil. Also those who tend to day-dream or live in a world of illusion will be asked to come back to a sense of reality.

This is excellent for panic because usually the mind and the body become separated. This will bring alignment back to the body and mind as a cohesive unit. This is what happens when people have “panic attacks”! You put yourself somewhere in the future and it creates “anxiety” in the body. Smelling this oil will bring you right back to the moment.


  • Neroli (Citrus aurantium)
  • Spruce (Picea mariana)
  • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
  • In a base of almond oil


Live in the Present

Present Time™ is a most interesting oil blend. It's an expensive blend and yes, when you pay for it, it jerks you right into present time! It takes you right out of the past and does what it's supposed to do for you. With the oils of Neroli, Spruce, and Ylang Ylang it creates a fragrance that pulls the brain right into center focus. Present Time™ opens up the pituitary, the hypothalamus, and the endocrine system, and they are ready to take action. They are ready to be there NOW, functioning, doing whatever it is you are choosing to do.

The reason people choose not to be well or healthy is simply because they are not living in present time. One of the most difficult things I learned years ago while working with patients in the Clinic was trying to get them out of the past, get them out the old stuff and get them in front of me. "Hello, is there anyone home? Anyone there to talk to me?" They needed Present Time™. The biggest challenge I had working with them was bringing them to present time and getting them to accept it and then holding them there. As soon as they would start treatment, the moment they had a little pain–and this happens every single time–they say, "Oh, my cancer's back! My arthritis is back, my headache is back!"

Allow Self-Renewal

Well, that was back there in the past and if we choose to go back to it, we will have all of those things from the past. So stay in present time and use Forgiveness for yourself–not for others–use it to forgive yourself for going into past. Allow yourself to be present. Allow yourself to be renewed, allow yourself to be in that space of growth and experience and excitement. We are creatures who love to create, but we have surrendered that over the last few hundred years, and we have accepted to be in a slavery space. You don't have to be there.

Using Present Time™

Put Present Time™ on the thymus, your body's clock. Put it on there and rub it about three times and just breathe deep as you are rubbing it on. Pay attention to the feeling that grabs you–I love that oil blend so much! I put it on this morning.

The reason people get sick, the reason they lack what they need, the reason they are stuck in poverty or limitation or whatever it is, is because they are not living in the moment. They are living in the past. Think about that a little bit. It might be a hard pill for you to swallow because it doesn't make sense for some of you, but it's very true. If you are living in the moment then you are not living in the past. The reality of it is we are not alive ten minutes ago; we're alive right now, and so it's being in the present. When you are in the present you are the most productive in making decisions. You have to be in the present to be in a creative, right mind and move forward in the future.

Think about how many times you have heard someone complaining about all the aches and pains that have been bothering them for years and they just can't get over them, and then realize that when we talk about sickness we always talk about it in past tense. We talk about how we got it, where we were, what was happening, etc. and it's always in the past tense. People who are sick dwell in the past. Why? Because they are looking for recognition.

Number One Cause of Sickness

The number one cause of sickness is looking for recognition, just as a child misbehaves so he or she will get disciplined. Even though it hurts and even though it's negative, they will do it to get recognition. It's a very natural behavior for children and adults. It's just that children misbehave and adults get sick–we just change the level of dysfunction, but it's still for recognition.

Using Present Time™ helps to bring you into the moment, pulling you out of the past. How many have ordered six bottles of Present Time™ at one time? Three? And didn't it put you in present time when you filled out the check!

Present Time™ goes on the thymus, on the chest. Rub it clockwise three times. Why? Because you want it to grab you and open up the clock and spin it forward into present time and move you. The energy of it is to move you forward, not backwards.

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