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Progessence Plus

Progessence Plus

Progessence Plus™ Serum, one of our new products from the 2010 Young Living Convention, is formulated for maximum performance. All natural, USP-grade super-micronized progesterone from wild yam is melted in vitamin E and essential oils for optimal absorption. Studies indicate that limonene from frankincense and bergamot and menthol from peppermint oil can enhance substance penetration through the skin. Progessence Plus™ does not require the cycling of application sites.

Progessence Plus™ allows women to have natural balance the way nature intended. Specifically formulated by Dr. Dan Purser and D. Gary Young, Progessence Plus™ maximizes the effects of progesterone by utilizing an innovative delivery system. Pure USP-grade super-micronized progesterone from wild yam is melted into a therapeutic grade essential oil-infused serum that enhances substance penetration through the skin.

Containing frankincense, bergamot and peppermint essential oils to aid in absorption, Progessence Plus™ is the first-ever progesterone serum on the market. It is portable, has a pleasant smell, and does not require the cycling of application sites like other progesterone supplements.

Primary Benefits:

  • Naturally encourages the body's optimal balance.
  • Serum is portable, better smelling, and absorbs more quickly than other progesterone supplements.
  • Most progesterone supplements require cycling of the application site – this is not necessary with Progessence Plus.

"Taking just ONE birth control pill increases your risk for breast cancer for the next TEN YEARS". – Dr. Dan Purser. Use Progessence Plus if you want to reduce your risk of breast cancer, eliminate breast cancer cells and reduce the risk of heart attacks. This should never be an option when Progessence Plus Serum will help you overcome the symptoms the birth control pill is often prescribed for. In his quest to bring his patients the very best, his lab partnered with Young Living to create Progessence Plus Serum, sold exclusively through Young Living.

Product Use
For women only. Can be used by all menstruating females over the age of twelve. Begin using one day after menstrual cycle ends. Apply 2-4 drops twice daily on neck area. For added effect, apply 1-2 drops along forearms twice daily for 21 consecutive days. Discontinue use for 7 days then repeat. [Lee, John, MD What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer. Warner Books 1995 pg 197-201]

Dr. Purser's suggested use:

  • It is not necessary to use according to your female cycle, daily use is fine, but you can use according to your cycle. 
  • Apply to clean dry skin, such as after a bath or shower. As oils build up on the skin during the day, better absorption will occur if the skin is clean and warm. 
  • Use as often as desired, generally one to two drops on the neck over the carotid arteries, temples, jaw, forearm, spine, etc. every hour or until symptoms are gone. 
  • Once you are feeling better, then you can adjust the amount used. 
  • Do not use with medically prescribed progestins or birth control pills. 
  • Symptoms of nausea may occur within the first couple hours as the body gets used to the progesterone, apply more and they will dissipate.

Issues Progressence Plus can help with:

  • Migraine headaches,
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Post Partum Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Metabolic Syndrome X – insulin resistance
  • Hot flashes
  • Day sweats
  • Night sweats
  • PMS
  • PCOS
  • TMJ
  • Hair loss
  • Lowered libido
  • Muscle wasting
  • Weight gain
  • Bone health issues (osteoarthritis)
  • Nerve damage
  • Low energy levels
  • Pituitary problems or damage (Most common cause of low progesterone)
  • Low thyroid (caused from damaged pituitary)
  • Interstitial Cystitis
Individual needs may vary. Dosage and duration could vary from person to person based on age, current progesterone levels, and menstruation (pre-menopausal, post-menopausal). If used at bedtime, Progessence Plus&trade can be calming and help aid sleep.

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