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Release Essential Oil Blend

Release Essential Oil Blend combines uplifting, calming oils that stimulate a sense of peace and emotional well-being, which in turn facilitate the ability to release anger and frustration. Repressed negative emotions lie at the root of many health concerns. Release promotes harmony and balance in the mind and body.


  • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
  • Lavandin (Lavandula x hybrida)
  • Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)
  • Sandalwood (Santalum album)
  • Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum)
  • In a base of oganic olive oil


Many Facets of Release™

Release. Release™ is for the liver. Ylang Ylang is for balancing the heart, Lavenden for bacteria, Geranium and Sandalwood are specific for the liver, balancing, energizing, and creating an emotional release for the liver. This blend is more specific for emotional support than for physical support.

I have found some very interesting things with Release™. There are a lot of times when we take on certain emotions in the womb – I could spend the rest of today until tomorrow on this subject alone. In the past few weeks a phenomenal education in emotional work has taken place, and a reality check in the value of the oils for that, and I am still learning from it and am still dealing with, knowing where to place it and how to share that and express it in a teaching mode. Just know this: that which you carry doesn't just come from your birth life. So much of emotion can be treated in the womb from things that you have no control of and things that happen in life through events that you are not in control of.

In-Uterine Factors Influence Lives

There are a lot of times when things will happen to a fetus in the womb that the mother or father could have prevented, like drugs, like coffee, like smoking, like abuse in the home during pregnancy. There are so many things, and what I have learned recently in seeing how easily things can happen in the womb has just shocked me to the soles of my feet. Those things may carry emotion because in the womb where the father walked out of the home or where the mother left the father during that conception pregnancy stage, or there was abuse (verbal or physical), things that are on a much deeper level than what I have experienced.

That trauma comes when the child is born into this physical existence and the parents have no awareness of it and so they don't understand why the child has a behavior pattern or a behavior problem, so they want to become abusive or they run out of patience and they yell and scream, or spank the child or whatever. I am going to be sharing and teaching this whole arena in Hawaii. It opens up a whole new door of emotional work that I have not gone into before. It takes us to a level that is far, far greater in need and demand than what we have dealt with on the physical level. So Release™ becomes a very powerful oil.

Evaluate Your Own Issues

One of the things I can share with you is if you are consciously aware that you have some issues that you are not resolving in this present life, it may be from that fetus period. I know many of us will go from time to time and say, "Oh well, this is a past life experience." What does past life experience mean to us? to me? to you? We all have our own interpretations of the past. Some believe in reincarnation; some don't. Some believe they were a guardian angel before or whatever. I'm not here to tell you where all that emotions comes in, but I can tell you one thing for a fact.

The emotion that comes into this life begins in the womb, so if you are dealing with emotion and it's not being eradicated, don't bother looking back to when you were a Pharaoh in Egypt or a Cleopatra or things like that because I can tell you as sure as I stand here that is not where it's coming from and I can document that. I think it will open a lot of doors and answer a lot of questions for things we have dealt with in the past.

I have been through and down the road and I'm not sure why I have to go through these experiences – and sometimes I have asked Father to please send me volunteers that I can give assignments to so I don't have to have these experiences in order to learn and in order to share with you – but I guess that's how it is and how it will be until He chooses to change His mind or find somebody else. I can just tell you that the things I have been through have opened other doors.

Use Release to Release Emotions

If you are stuck on an emotion, on a feeling that just doesn't feel like it's going away, then take Release™ and put Frankincense with it and wear it on your head and over your liver, because that release does not only have to come through the liver, it has to come from the brain because the emotion first centered in the brain. When you are in the womb and emotion happens in the womb, it centers in the brain. Then, as you come through the birth canal that emotion goes from the brain into the heart. Once you are in the physical presence it goes into the DNA and becomes a memory that is locked into the cells of your body, perhaps for the rest of your life, or until you have gone through enough experiences to let go of the memory and reprogram it and rewrite the direction for that new cell being created.

I have played with emotional release and clearing for over 25 years and I have wondered what more could I learn about dealing with emotions. I should never have asked that question because a whole new experience came and it opened up such a phenomenal door for me into a completely other realm, and I am still reeling from that experience and where it has taken me in the discovery. 

"And a Little Child Shall Lead Them"

Obviously, it was meant to happen. Sometimes our teachers are not professors, and this is another reason why I am really strong on humility. You see, the tiniest little infant can be our greatest teacher. Don't ever think for a moment that he who can't speak can’t educate. Put Myrrh and Frankincense with Release™ or Balsam and Frankincense with Release™ and you will have your own experiences. 

When our little son, Joseph, was born I had a feeling to use Trauma Life™ at his delivery and what he released and what he went through at that time was most remarkable. I chose to try to go into the energy and find understanding, but it didn't happen at that time. It wasn't supposed to happen; perhaps because I wasn't ready to go there. I wasn't ready to receive the information, but what I watched told me that even though the delivery was so easy and so beautiful, the trauma went so much deeper.

Birth Experience with Oils

I felt the one application did the job because he just gave huge sighs while he was lying on Mary's tummy and you could just feel he was releasing the weight of the whole world. I thought, "Wow! This is just so beautiful!" and I anointed him with the Myrrh and the Frankincense right on presentation and final delivery and it was so remarkable. The OBGYN said, "If I hadn't been in this room and witnessed this delivery I would never have believed that this boy was not five days old!"

Of course, I did a little thing with the Frankincense as I was anointing him that didn't make a scene. I was rubbing the Frankincense on his little skull, reshaping it and remolding it and then I put the Trauma Life™ on his skull and did the same thing. He breathed so deep and he was getting the oxygen back into that brain so it could start to function and grow and develop. Her comments were, "I have never seen a baby with such a perfectly shaped head." and Mary said, "Isn't that most remarkable!"

Anyway, these are some things to think about, so just continue using oils because they will lead you and direct you and you will see some amazing things.

Physical Problems Abated with Release™

Release™ can be for physical as well as emotional and I have used Release™ on babies that weren't able to move their bowels. Sometimes when people are constipated it's an emotional constipation, so don't hesitate in going there and experimenting with it. Holding onto emotions is mental constipation, so the temples and the crown are very important for release. Go up the spine and definitely over the liver. When you are doing it yourself it is not practical to reach back and rub it up your spine.

Sometimes when you are in a space where you have somebody that you really trust and that person can be totally incognito and not try to direct your clearing (I say this because I have watched where people try to direct the clearing for the person). That's why I try to keep husbands and wives apart because the wife really needs the husband to know that he has to let go of all this stuff.

I had that experience when we were doing emotional clearing at a Level One Training and the wife came over and said, "You've just got to come over and help my husband let go of all this stuff!" I looked at her and I said, "Perhaps so..." There was only one problem he was having and he and I both knew it! That's why it's good for couples not to be together because we get so involved in each other that we always think we know what the other person needs, don't we? So you have to be very clear and you have to stay out of the moment of their needs. Release is really important over the liver, on the crown, up the spine, and on the temples for emotional and physical release.

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