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RutaVaLa Essential Oil Blend

RutaVaLa Essential Oil Blend promotes relaxation of the body and mind, helping to ease tension and relieve stress. The blend helps overcome negative feelings while encouraging a positive attitude and comfort. 

Its sedative effect relieves stress and nervous tension while helping you sleep like a baby!

The smell is bitter with a hint of lavender. It has been my experience that you will simply love or hate the smell of this blend right from the start!

This oil can rebalance the energies levels of the body. Especially where the energies have become very depleted because of extreme stress, anxiety or emotional trauma.

For those who are carrying grief, sorrow and regret, RutaVaLa can helprelease those emotions, balance the emotional bodies and help us become more fully present.

We store deep grief in the heart and particularly the lungs, so we may find that our heart chakra is constricted or blocked. As the heart energy is allowed to expand again, the lungs will be released and our connection to the divine will be re-established.


  • Ruta graveolens (rue) oil
  • Valerian root oil (Valeriana officinalis)
  • Lavender oil (Lavandula angustifolia)

About the Young Living Blend RutaVaLa

Unique to Young Living, RutaVaLa is a proprietary blend of Ruta graveolens (rue), lavender, and valerian essential oils. Although lavender and valerian are well known for their sedative properties, this blend introduces the less recognized, yet efficacious, ruta oil. The Ruta graveolens herb is farmed, harvested, and distilled at Gary Young’s Young Living farm in Ecuador.

Use of the rue herb dates back many centuries and is referenced in the Bible as an herb to be tithed. When combined with lavender and valerian, this trio of essential oils is formulated to relax the body and mind, counter stressed nerves, and revitalize passion.

Primary Benefits

+ Acts as a relaxant for the body and mind and counters stressed nerves*

+ Rebalances energy to improve vigor during daily activities*

+ Reduces inhibitions and minimizes stressful situations*

+ Induces quality sleep*

Did You Know?

Rue is one of the ingredients used in the Vinegar of the Four Thieves. The Four Thieves were a family of perfumers who robbed the dead during the Black Plague and were protected by this antiseptic concoction that included rue.

There are over 40 different species of Rue. Even though species may share some similar properties they arenot at all the same. And they are used for different purposes.

So please know your genus species when using and purchasing essential oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Ruta graveolens oil safe?

A. Yes; Ruta (rue) oil is a very different chemical composition than the Ruta graveolens herb itself. The herb or water extracts from the herb can have negative effects at very high dosages. Ruta oil is composed primarily of ingredients that are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) according to the FDA.

Q. Should RutaVaLa be used as a dietary supplement?

A. No; RutaVaLa should only be used aromatically as indicated in the How to Use section.

Distilling Ruta Essential Oil in EcuadorProduct Story: Unique to Young Living, RutaVaLa™ is a proprietary blend of Ruta graveolens (rue), lavender, and valerian essential oils. Although lavender and valerian are well known for their sedative properties, this blend introduces the less recognized, yet efficacious, ruta oil. The Ruta graveolens herb is farmed, harvested, and distilled at Young Living's farm in Ecuador. Use of the rue herb dates back many centuries and is referenced in the Bible as an herb to be tithed. When combined with lavender and valerian, this trio of essential oils is formulated to relax the body and mind, counter stressed nerves, and revitalize passion.

Ruta comes from the Greek word meaning "To set free" freeing people from disease. Ruta has been distilled before, but not in 30 years and is a different profile from previously distilled Ruta, long carbon chains and nonynol 2 - modulates brain function. Chemical imbalance comes from diet and makes chemical transformations in the body, makes it hard to get out of depression. The Incas and Mayans used Ruta in a process to clear emotions similar to the Egyptians. Ecuadorians and Bolivians have used it for centuries and still use it daily. If people are depressed they brush the branches on the body and in the air; it affects serotonin in the neural cortex.

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