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SARA Essential Oil Blend

SARA Essential Oil Blend is an empowering blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils designed to help soothe deep emotional wounds. SARA™ may help individuals release and begin recovery from the traumatic memory of sexual or ritual torment and other forms of physical or emotional abuse. 

This is great oil for animals and humans who have had any traumatic experiences, abuse (ritual or sexual) that are repressed or programmed in cellular memory. Remember a traumatic experience could be as simple as falling out of a tree when you were a child!


  • Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
  • Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens)
  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • Orange (Citrus aurantium)
  • Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum)
  • Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica)
  • Rose (Rosa damascena)
  • White Lotus (Nymhaea lotus)
  • In a base of almond oil


Blend for Abuse

SARA™. This is for sexual abuse and ritual abuse and physical and emotional abuse. This oil is to be applied on the location of the abuse if it has been a physical abuse. If it has been a verbal abuse, then apply it to the throat. SARA™ helps to go into the deep recesses of the MRNA and create a dextro-rotary spin in erasing and eradicating that emotional imprint out of the cell and releasing it from the body.

SARA™ should be used best with Release™ so you have a combination for the emotional release. SARA™ needs to be used with Forgiveness™ because whenever there has been an abuse, there is always the feeling of anger, the feeling of resentment, the feeling of wanting to get even and all of those emotions that come with that, so Forgiveness™ and Release™ are major companions to SARA™. One of the things we know is that so many people have gone through abuse of different levels – how my father abused me, how your father abused you – and the impact it had was all the same on the emotional level. It's not about the level of the abuse, it's the emotional impact it had.

Parents Act on their own Role Models

I know for a fact because of knowing my father (and he expressed three days before he passed away that he had no idea what he was doing). He was doing with all that he knew how to do and how he had been raised and what had been his role model when he was growing up and becoming a parent. Again I share my personal experience with you, hoping that you can relate to it and that you can go into space if you've had those things and you can forgive your parent and understand that he or she were probably in the same space, doing the best they could with what they knew and what their role model was.

When you can go in that space and you can forgive them, then it's not impacting your life in a negative way. What you will feel from it is not the emotion of the abuse, but the emotion of the pain that a parent now feels in knowing that it could have been different, but it's too late. My father expressed that three days before he died. He said to my wife at that time, "I wish I could do it different, but it's too late. I am so grateful that Gary is choosing to do it different with his children." 

Coming to a Realization

When I recognized (and I will share this because I think it is a key for a lot of you) what I was doing when I started raising my children, my son was three years old and at that age I was finding myself disciplining him the way my father disciplined me. At the age of four he was supposed to take the garbage out and he didn't take the garbage out, and I came in the house. I had pulled into the yard in the logging truck and I was tired from being in the bush all day and I walked in and his Mom said, "Troy didn't take the garbage out again." And I said, "What is wrong with this kid! I undid my belt and I said, "Troy, come here!" and he started to cry.

Something just snapped inside of me at that point, I don't know how else to describe it, but it was like there was a flashback or whatever and I saw what I went through as a child, what I hated, and it was just there in my face. I was standing there with the belt in my hand, going to belt a little four year-old boy and he was crying and walking towards me, and I grabbed him by the arm and I led him into the living room and I handed him my belt and I said, "It is Daddy who was wrong" and I bent over the couch and I said, "I want you to spank Daddy."

And he cried and he cried and he said, "No, Daddy, no Daddy, please Daddy no." And I said, "Troy, spank Daddy because Daddy is the one who has failed." That was the last time that I ever laid a hand on my children. My son just had his 34th birthday last week and he is still afraid of his father from that imprint at four years of age!

Folks, we don't totally understand the magnitude of what we do and what we can do differently. So please see where this fits in your life and how it might relate to you presently or to the past to your own personal experience growing up, and know that you now have the ability and the tools to release it.

I have worked so hard. It was so joyful just three weeks ago having Troy come to the house and sit down with me, and for the first time he said, "Dad, I feel like I can now talk to you for the first time." He has been through a series of disasters in his life and we see it in children every day around us. It makes me look inside more and more at myself and how I can change, how I can be a better parent, how I can be a better father, how I can be a better husband, how I can be a better example, because I believe the power is in being an example and sometimes being in this space is not easy. It's not easy, and it can be very lonely.

Taking Responsibility

Sometimes you are not always sure that you are in the right space when you are teaching and you are giving from your heart and hoping that you are doing the right things all the time. That's part of the responsibility of being a leader and being willing to take on the accountability of when you make a mistake. I probably make more mistakes in a week than you do in a month combined, and as you evolve in being a leader you are going to make mistakes, you are gong to make choices that are not so productive at times. It's part of your growth.

Give yourself permission that it's okay, because if you don't you are going to get paralyzed from it and you are going to go backwards. Every day I have to give myself permission that it's okay that I made a mistake and go back and learn from that mistake and how I can do better with it. That's what it's all about, we didn't all come here knowing everything and we are not probably going to live long enough to know everything. It's about how we deal with it in the moment as we are going forward. Jacob has been such a teacher, as I mentioned yesterday, and it has been such a learning lesson.

So take it there and when you work with SARA™. Keep these things in mind and let them go inside, into the deep recesses of the DNA and start activating that transcriptase enzyme in erasing that memory and bringing it up out of the tissue and breathe it out.

SARA™ goes on location of abuse and that is where it activates most effectively. Use SARA™ with Release™; use SARA™ with Forgiveness™; use SARA™ with Humility™, and use SARA™ with Gratitude.

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