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What is Kriyas?

A particular yogic posture or series of postures linked to mantra and breath to produce a particular effect.

A kriya is a techniques used in Kundalini Yoga to produce an altered stage of consciousness.  This technique can be a meditation or an exercise or both.

Every exercise is not a kriya.  By doing a kriya a sequence of physical and mental events are initiated that effect the body, mind and spirit simultaneously.  Each kriya makes a specific claim as to its effect.  Some kriyas aare a single-exercise-meditation, while others are complete exercise sets followed by a particular meditation.  Accompanying each kriya is a commentary on the physical, mental, and /or spiritual effects produced by practicing it.  When a kriya is mastered, the practitioner gains "Easy and immediate access to a particular stage of emotion or consciousness". 

Sat Kriya
Sat Kriya is fundamental to Kundalini Yoga and should be practiced every day for at least 3 minutes.  Its effects are numerous.  Sat Kriya strengthens the entire sexual system and stimulates its natural flow of energy.

People who are severely maladjusted or who have mental problems benefit from this kriya since these disturbances are always connected with an imbalance in the energies of the lower three chakras.  General physical health is improved since all the internal organs receive a gentle rhythmic massage from this exercise.  The heart gets stronger from the rhythmic up-and-down of blood pressure you generate from the pumping motion of the navel point.  This exercise works directly on stimulating and channelizing the kundalini energy, so it must be always be practiced with the mantra " Sat Nam".