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Yoga Class Etiquette



Yoga Class Etiquette

·        Arrive on time or 5-10 minutes before class starts.


·        If you arrive as class is beginning, please enter quietly.  Late arrivals can be disruptive and may not be accommodated


·        Tell your teacher about any injuries or special health conditions before class. This will help the teacher make suggestions to make your practice safer and more enjoyable.


·        It is best to use your own mat as it is more hygienic. A decent "sticky" mat can be purchased from us.


·        We have studio mats available. Be a good yogi and clean the studio mat before putting it away. Mat disinfectant is kept near the gong.


·        Mobile phones should be turned off or silenced during yoga class.


·        Unruly behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated at any time. Any such person committing the said act will be handed to the authorities.


·        Follow the teacher’s instruction instead of doing your own moves, unless you are doing modified poses for back or other injury, or modified poses of pregnancy.


·        Please be quiet during class instruction, as it can be distracting to others. 


·        Don't leave during, Savasana. If you must leave during Savasana, please do so as quietly as possible.


·        It is advisable to shower before class and drink plenty of water after class.


·        Please dress decently during class and no removal of clothes in the class.


·        Please bring a face towel to the class to wipe your sweat.


Self-awareness leads to attention to detail and to the respect for the space and people around you. Thank you for creating a sacred space for your practice and for respecting the spirit of yoga.