Here is what our students said about IPYC.....

  • "Finding time for yoga at your place is one of the best things I have done for myself. And I would like to thank you for reminding me about honouring and loving myself. Am striving to find more time so I could come more often.  It has been a pleasure to be part of IPYC.  It has reminded me to love myself. Thanks!".           ~ Selina R                             
  • "I feel good, nice and spiritually uplifted".             ~ Harjit
  • "Very relaxing & very useful from Prenatal Class".           ~ Jessica
  • "Very pleasant start of my yoga adventure".      ~ Nikita S.
  • "I will always be looking forward everyday to be at my yoga class, always enjoyed it.  Feel really good after my practice.  Teachers are very friendly & helpful".
~ Rhoda   
  • "Han Ni is always there to discuss and help.  Besides that, I can fit into MNG Size 32 slim cut jeans now."        ~ June
  • "Peaceful environment, a place to rest. Love the staff.  Great classes, inspiring for my own TTC.  Lots of info about workshops outside the studio :) Enjoyed every second."                                             ~ Sara

Workshops by Han Ni

"Thank you so much for the Kundalini workshop run by Han Ni. It was a perfect blend of good teaching, inspiring guidance and supportive explanations. 

I thought Han Ni held the space brilliantly throughout the whole weekend, and taught us in a clear gentle manner, helping us all really learn the foundations of good breathing and stillness.

I particularly liked the way Han Ni invited discussions on various topics that arose, and let them flourish into really good debates and information sharing, before bringing us back gently to the programme when we were done. I felt that this helped us all bond really well as a group, which greatly enhanced the whole experience."

                                                                                                                                      ~ Lisa G

" Han Ni is an amazing and very spiritual teacher. She has a beautiful singing voice and in fact she sings many of the mantras while teaching Kundalini yoga. Wise for her age and she displays maturity and depth of knowledge of Kundalini yoga. Practisining with Han Ni is very grounding. "

Workshops by Siri Shabad

"I want to thank Siri for sharing his vast knowledge and practice with us yesterday.  The one day workshop was informative yet practical and I believed everyone had a great practice yesterday.  I haven't had such practice in a while:)"     ~ BC

"It was a wonderful experience. The pair work of sensing the aura reminded me on the magnet powder experiment in primary school - this is what I have expereinced as the energy merged"     ~ CS

"It was a great revision on the basic of Kundalini yet in depth of it's energy. It was a heart touching experience despite the physical pain"      ~ LC