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9 Essential Oils in our Everyday Oils Kit
Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils have been known for thousands of years for their uplifting, purifying, energizing and calming properties.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are concentrated liquids extracted from aromatic plants (e.g. flowers, trees, shurbs, root, bushes). These natural oils protect plants from insects, environmental conditions, and disease.

They are the "life force" of the plant much similar to the blood in our body.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils contain hundred of chemical constitues and they are highly concentrated which makes them more powerful than herbs.

Historically, they have been used to kill bacteria, virus and fungus in the human body. They can also assist the regeneration of tissues and stimulate nerves. They can even carry nutrients to the body and oxygenate cells.

Today, Young Living, which is the world leader in Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, is preserving this ancient practice by offering highly concentrated, pure essential oils. Unlike perfume oils that simply smell good, Young Living Therapeutic Grade essential oils have the optimal blend of plant constitutes to ensure maximum potency and purity.

To learn more about essential oils and to experience the application of therapeutic grade essential oils, join one of our workshops. We also offer individual Aromatherapy consultation. To book a session, please sms 016-4525363 and Han Ni will call you back.

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