How To Buy

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Young Living Products

Becoming a Young Living member is very much the same as becoming a member of Jusco/Isetan - with one big difference - you do NOT have to pay a yearly membership fee. As a matter of fact, there is no yearly membership cost at all!

How much does it cost to join Young Living?
That depends on which customer type you choose. We want you to select the option that best meets you needs.

Customer (Retail)
It cost nothing except for the cost of the products you want to buy, plus tax/shipping.

If you want wholesale pricing, do NOT select this customer type. You will not get wholesale pricing if you select this suctomer type (even if you purchase a Start Living Kit, read below: "Wholesale Customer").

Wholesale Customer (Save 24% Off Retail Price)
  1. What you must buy to become a wholesale customer: Anyone can become a wholesale customer by purchasing one of the five "Start Living" kits which range in price from USD40-USD300. You will save 24% off the retail prices on all of orders, effective immediatley.
  2. Maintaining your wholesale pricing: the ONLY thing you are required to do is have a yearly total of 50PV - this means you only have to buy about USD50 worth of products a year to maintain your wholesale pricing - which is nothing.
  3. Steps to become a wholesale customer: You will need to select the "Independent Distributor" customer type and purchase one of the five Start Living kits (shown below). If you so not do this, you will not get wholesale pricing.
Note: the "wholesale" and "distributor" membership types are combined for ease. You do not have to have a business and you do not have to make monthly orders ('Essential Rewards') unless you want to. The choice is entirely yours.

If you do join the Essential Rewards program, you will save more money, an additional 10% to 20%, read more about Essential Rewards HERE.

Distributor (save 24% off retail)
Anyone can become a Young Living Independent Distributor and have a home business and share Young Living with others and earn commissions. To do this, you will have to purchase one of the five "Start Living" kits ranging in price from USD40-USD300 (shown below). You will save 24% off the retail price on all of your orders, effective immediately.

Note: As a distributor, you must be on the "Essential Rewards" program (see below) in order to get a commission check. Your monthly order on the Essential Rewards program should be a minimum of 100PV (about USD100, plus tax/shipping). Young Living has well over 400 products to choose from and most people do not have any problem selecting different products each month, in fact we encourage you to try new products every month.

About the "Start Living" Kits
All Start Living Kits come with product, literature, CD's and DVD's about Young Living Essential Oils.

The premium kits, USD150, come with a lot of products and is a terrific way to start experiencing a very nice assortment of essential oils and products right away.

The USD40 kit is best for the person who wants different products than what comes in the premium kits.