Petitgrain Essential OilPetitgrain Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis) is mentally refreshing and emotionally balancing when used aromatically. This oil is also beneficial for skin and hair health. Traditionally, Petitgrain has been used to support a healthy nervous system, particularly with nervous exhaustion and stress, as well as to improve instances of excessive perspiration and oily skin and hair.

Historical Data: Petitgrain gets its name from the extraction of the oils which at one time was from the green, unripe oranges when they were still about the size of a cherry.

Petitgrain essential oil has a refreshing aroma that is uplifting, clearing confusion, reducing mental fatigue and depression. It also helps improve memory function.

Petitgrain is also helpful as an antispasmodic and helps relieve inflammation as well as re-establishing nerve equilibrium.

Key Constituents:
Linalyl Acetate — 40-55%
Linalol — 15-30%

Petitgrain rates 73,600 uTE/100g on the ORAC Scale.

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