Pine Essential Oil
Pine Essential Oil (Pinus sylvestris) has a refreshing, invigorating aroma. First investigated by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, pine is soothing for stressed muscles and joints when used in massage. Pine essential oil shares many of the same properties as Eucalyptus globulus, and the action of both oils is enhanced when they are blended.

Historical Data: Pine essential oil was first investigated by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, for its benefits to the respiratory system. In 1990, Dr. Pé oël and Dr. Franchomme described pine oil's antiseptic properties in their medical textbook. Pine is used in massage for stressed muscles and joints. Nataive Americans stuffed mattresses with pine needles to repel lice and fleas. Pine essential oil was used to treat lung infections and even added to baths to revitalize those suffering from mental or emotional fatigue.

Key Constituents:
Alpha Pinene — 55-70%
Beta Pinene — 3-8%
Limonene — 5-10%
Delta 3 Carene — 6-12%

Fragrant Influence: Pine essential oil relieves anxiety and revitalizes mind, body, and spirit. It also has an empowering, yet grounding fragrance.

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