Rose Essential OilRose Essential Oil (Rosa damascena) has a beautiful, strong floral and sweet fragrance that is intoxicating and highly romantic. It helps bring balance and harmony with stimulating and uplifting properties that create a sense of well-being and self-confidence. Used for skin care for thousands of years, it is perfect for dry or aging skin. Rose has an approximate ORAC of 1,604,284 (TE/L) ~ one of the highest. TE/L is expressed as micromole Trolox equivalent per liter. 

Historical Data: 

In ancient Egypt, the priests and priestesses at the healing Temple of Hathor at Dendera both taught and administered the Sacred Science of essential oils. This knowledge, which was handed down by the priest/initiates for over 5,000 years is recorded on the walls of Dendera Temple. Some people believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene participated in the Mystery School as taught at Dendera and learned the magic of the esoteric anointing oils. The Egyptian Blue Lotus, Frankincense and Myrrh, as well as spikenard, galbanum, and rose were all treasured for their healing and spiritual properties. They were kept in treasuries and guarded as fiercely as gold. There is an outer building at Dendera called the Sanatorium, where the initiates were anointed with oils by the priests in order to experience prophetic and oracular dreams. The Sanatorium was later used as a healing center, where holy water was mixed with essential oils, amulets and crystals and used for bathing to relieve physical, mental and emotional distress. The Greeks, and later the Romans, adopted this practice and carried it into Celtic Britain and Gaul, and the idea of the "spa" was born. (Information courtesy of Mary Lomando)

Rose has been used for the skin for thousands of years. The Arab physician, Avicenna, was responsbile for first distilling rose oil, eventually authoring an entire book on the healing attributes of the rose water derived from the distillation of rose essential oil. Rosa damascena comes to us from Bulgaria and Turkey and is very high in citronellol (34-44%). Throughout much of ancient history, the oil was produced by enfleurage, a process of pressing the petals along with a vegetable oil to extract the essence. Today, however almost all rose oils are solvent extracted, which means a lower vibrational field in these products. Did you know that it takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to distill one pound of rose oil, or approximately 60,000 roses to produce just 1 oz of Rose Oil? That's about two and a half dozen roses to make just one drop – making Rose Essential Oil one of the most treasured and worthwhile oils available!

Fragrant Influence: Its beautiful fragrance is intoxicating and aphrodisiac-like. Rose helps bring balance and harmony allowing one to coverocome insecurities. It is stimulating and elevating to the mind, creating a sense of well-being. Rose has the highest frequency of any essential oil at 320 MHz and so it is very potent!

How to use Rose Essential Oil
Rose oil has the most diverse healing applications of any essential oil used in aromatherapy today. The oil is considered a supreme healer of both body and soul. The energy of rose essential oil is said to have powerful effects on both the mind (olfactory) and heart (chakras), providing a state of overall well-being.

Each of the chakras has a specific gland and organ it affects. It is believed that we can enhance the vitality of a chakra through through exposing it to colors, sounds, minerals and essential oils.

Te heart chakra is the center of compassion, love group consciousness and spiritually associated with "openness" with "all that is".

A healthy heart chakra can allow us to experience love and compassion more fully, and provide a deep sense of peace and centerdness. Healing or stimulating the heart chakra can help to ease heart and chest conditions, such as; emotional issues(give and receive love), stress, anger and depression.

The alternative health application of Rose essential oil are many. Exceptionally beneficial to the female reproductive organs as it is said to act as a tonic for the whole system. Rose essential oilcan be diluted in V-6 Massage oil and massage into the pelvic region for this effect; it is said to be both a regulating and purifying to both the body and mind.

The "Precious" Rosa Oil: how to buy it without breaking the bank

It takes approximately 60,000 Rosa damascena roses to produce just 1 oz. of rose essential oil. Or, 5000 pounds of roses to make 1 pound of true Rose Oil. Given these figures, it is no surprise that rose oil is the most precious essential oil.

Young Living Rose essential oil is so potent that you can extend it by mixing your own carrier oil (such as V-6) with it; in a separate jar or bottle, combine 1-4 drops of Rose essential oil with 1 tablespoon carrier oil.

The wholesale price of a 5ml bottle of Rose Oil (which has approximately 84 drops of Rose Essential oil), will cost about RM7 per drop. Therefore, it is highly recommended to become a wholesale customer so that you can save 24% off retail price on all of your purchases. This is done by selecting the "Distributors" membership type when you place your order, the distributor and wholesale member types are combined for ease, you never have to have a business or sell anything if you simply wish to remain a wholesale customer.

Rose Perfume

The easiest and most efficient way to make your own Rose perfume is to simply mix 4-6 drops of Young Living Rose essential oil with a teaspoon of V-6 and put the mixture into a roll on bottle.

Anti-Anger Spritzer Blend
  • 1 drop Rose essential oil
  • 3 drops Orange essential oil
  • 3 drop Sandalwood essential oil
  • 5 drops Copaiba essential oil
  • distilled water
In a small glass spray bottle or atomizer, add enough distilled water to fill your bottle 7/8 of the way full. Add you essential oils, shake.

This spritzer can be used like a perfume, or you can give your pillow a mist before going to bed to help calm and bring a balanced equilibrium back into your life.

Sensual and Romantic Massage Oil
  • 4 drops Rose essential oil
  • 3TBSP V-6 Massage Oil
Mix Rose oil with V-6 in a jar, stir with a toothpick to mix together.

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