Spruce Essential OilSpruce Essential Oil (Picea mariana) is softer and sweeter in aroma than other evergreen oils. It is refreshing, invigorating, and strengthening. It also has a long history of use in the sauna, steam bath, and as an additive to baths or massage oils. It is supportive of the respiratory and nervous systems.* Spruce essential oil's aromatic influences also help to open and release emotional blocks, bringing about a feeling of balance and peaceful security. 

Spruce TreesSourcing Spruce

Young Living only accepts essential oils that meet our seed-to-seal standard, which is why we've partnered for more than a decade with a small distillery in the Quebec province of Canada. Discovered by Gary Young as he personally searched for an acceptable supplier, this distillery is a key partner today in providing pure, Young Living Therapeutic Grade™(YLTG) spruce essential oil. Spruce needles and branches are wildcrafted from nearby forests then packed down into the steam distilling chamber using human weight for pressure, a step known as the "distiller dance." Oils and fats are purchased from local businesses to make biodiesel fuel for operating the distillers. These natural practices produce the highest quality spruce essential oil Young Living has ever tested. For enhanced spirituality and respiratory support,* pure YLTG spruce essential oil offers a natural and effective way to promote both emotional and physical well-being.

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