Angelica Essential Oil

Angelica Essential OilPMS and Menstrual Cramp Relief

Angelica Essential Oil (Angelica archangelica) creates menstrual cramp relief and relief for PMS. It has been used in natural remedies for menopause in Chinese Medicine and is sometimes referred to as Female Ginseng"

Angelice is known as the "holy spirit root" or the "oil of angels" by the Europeans. Angelica was believed to be of divine origin because of its strong healing powers. In the time of Paracelsus, Angelica was credited with its ability to protect the people from the plague and its stems were chewed during the plague of 1660 to prevent infection. Archangelica comes from the Greek word "arkhangelos" (arch-angel), due to the myth that it was the angel, Gabriel who told of its use as medicine. It is also said to bloom around the feast day of the Archangel Michael, therefore was given this name.

"From the 10th century on, angelica was cultivated as a vegetable and medicinal plant, and achieved great popularity in Scandinavia in the 12th century and is still used today, especially in Sami culture. In 1602, angelica was introduced in Niort, which had just been ravaged by the plague, and it has been popular there ever since.

"Angelica contains a variety of chemicals which have been shown to have medicinal properties, and the plant is used as a digestive aid. Chewing on angelica or drinking tea brewed from it will cause local anesthesia, but it will heighten the consumer's immune system. It has been shown to be effective against various bacteria, fungal infections and even viral infections. The essential oil of the roots of Angelica archangelica contains β-terebangelene, C10H16, and other terpenes; the oil of the seeds also contains β-terebangelene, together with methylethylacetic acid and hydroxymyristic acid. — information courtesy of Wikipedia.

Angelica essential oil also has soothing qualities which can help relax nerves and muscles. And it has also been used as a stimulant, digestive tonic and expectorant by traditional medicine practitioners.

Angelica can also be used for throat and lung infections, indigestion, menstrual and PMS issues. The fragrance of Angelica essential oil can assist in the release of negative feelings, restoring memories to the point of origin before trauma or anger was experienced.

  • place a few drops on the shoulders to protect against negative energy
  • place on the sdhoulder blades where wings would attach to release stress and negative emotions held there
  • apply on the heart chakra to release emotions of disharmony, pessimism, and survival from keeping a close heart and repressed emotions and memories.
  • the fragrance instills calmness, freedom and totality of the Soul
  • take internally as a natural appetite stimulant and may also be used for dogs which has loss of appetite

Key Constituents of Angelica Essential Oil:
Limonene — 60-70%
Alpha Pinene — 5-8%
Alpha and Beta Phellandrene — 3-6%

Safety Precautions
  • Angelica is Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) for internal consumption by the FDA. 
  • Although it may be used as a dietary supplement, it is advised not to use it in this manner for children under 6 years of age.
  • This oils should be avoided for diabetics; and used with caution if pregnant. 
  • This oils may cause photosensitivity, so stay out of direct sunlight for 12 hours.

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