Cardamom Essential OilCardamom Essential Oil (Elettaria cardamomum) is a member of the ginger family of botanical plants. Cardamom has historical uses that include internal consumption to protect the stomach and inhalation to invigorate the mind.* Cardamom has also been used traditionally to alleviate mental fatigue and nervous strain, rheumatism, cardiac disorders, epilepsy, spasms, digestive, intestinal and urinary issues as well as menstrual irregularities. 

*Modern scientific research has not yet validated these traditional claims.

Cardamom has been called "Grains of Paradise" since the Middle Ages and has been used medicinally by Native American Indian Healers. Cardamom is also mentioned in one of the oldest known medical records, the Ebers Papyrus, an ancient Egyptian list of 877 prescriptions and recipes, which dates from the 16th century BC.

Cardamom essential oil can be used for muscle spasms, as an expectorant and as an anti-parasitic. Cardamom is also a natural anti-bacterial agent, useful for lung and sinus infections, indigestion, nausea, senility, and headaches. Its fragrance is uplifiting and refreshing.

Key Constituents of Cardamom Essential Oil:
Alpha Terpinyl Acetate — 45-55%
1,8-Cineole (Eucalyptol) — 16-24%
Limonene — 1-3%

Cardamom Essential Oil measures 36,500 uTE/100g on the ORAC scale.

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