Dorado Azul

Dorado Azul Essential OilDorado Azul Essential Oil (Guayofolis officionalis) — rich in eucalyptol and beta pinene, Dorado Azul has powerful purifying properties and enhances mood. Dorado Azul has high levels of beta caryophyllene to help support normal respiratory and digestive functions. It has a red liquid when distilled and the natives use it to reverse cancer. It looks like stinging nettle, found in the highlands on the coastal area, very aromatic. Some called it goldenweed, because the local people don't have a common name for it; no one knew what it was for sure or what to call it but it is part of the labiatae family. A sample was sent it to a botanist, and he could not identify it.

Dorado Azul has little blue flowers; the leaf turns blue on tips when it has matured. It contains many compounds that are very interesting: Alpha pinenes, to modulate brain function. Hypothalamus is the first to de-regulate hormone balance and thyroid balance. Limonene is effective with tumors and cancers; eucalyptol 1.8 cineol reduces inflammation. People have experienced a 72% reduction in steroids with use of 1.8 cineol. Fenchone, a hormone molecule, balances estrogen; terpinene 4-ol, which has never been seen before in an oil, is remarkable for respiratory uses. At the Clinic in Eucador, they are giving Dorado Azul intravenously and experiencing remarkable results.

Gary Young came across the plant, while he was searching for suitable land to grow plants for essential oils production. The aroma given off by the plant drew Gary's attention and lead him to doing research on it. The indigenous population have been using it for hundreds, possibly thousand of years in the following ways:
  • facilitate wound healing
  • assist people with arthritis and asthma
  • a daily beverage
  • against cancer
Gary has a large crop of Dorado Azul in Ecuador and is in the process of distillation. The brix is 5-6 at noon, goes up to 10 (this determines the best time to harvest a plant, by measuring the moisture content of the plant at different times of day). Yields 8 ton of plant to the acre. Very dense, 13 feet of height. Grows very fast in Ecuador; everything does! As of July, 2011, Dorado Azul now has a botanical name: Hyptis suaveolens.Dorado Azul Plant

Top Uses for Dorado Azul
  1. Use Dorado Azul with Idaho Balsam Fir for muscle aches and pain. 
  2. Apply directly to skin to sooth minor discomforts. It may be used as a pain relief as it has similar properties to Helichrysum. May also be used for nerve re-generation and hormonal balancing.
  3. Diffuse to repel insects or apply to skin.
  4. Apply directly on chest, on the back over the lungs for respiratory infections and ailments.

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